Clean-Easy™ PCR Purification Kit

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For a reliable, easy and rapid DNA purification from whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat and cell culture.

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CleanEasy™ PCR Purification Kit provides an efficient, consistent and rapid method to purify DNA and remove contaminants from reaction mixtures (e.g. PCR, digestion or labeling reactions). Comfortable CleanEasy™ MiniSpin Columns contains an exclusive membrane that allows DNA adsorption in presence of chaotropic salts and the removal of contaminants.


  • Really fast and easy procedure: it takes 14 minutes to get results with minimal handling steps.
  • Reproducible yields: high DNA Recovery (70-90%) and consistent yields of pure DNA.
  • Sensitive: proven performance for DNA fragments as short as 75 bp.
  • Pure genomic DNA: ready-to-use in all Molecular Biology applications.

Includes for 50 reactions:

  • 50 CleanEasy™ MiniSpin Columns
  • 50 Collection tubes
  • 25 mL PB Buffer
  • 11.25 mL PE Buffer
  • 9 mL EB Buffer


  • Removal of proteins and salts from PCR, restriction digestion, dephosphorylation, ligation or labelling reactions.
  • Changing of a restriction enzyme buffer.
  • Re-purification of genomic DNA.
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