MagBeads™ Plasmid Purification Kit

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For a reliable, easy and high quality plasmid DNA isolation from bacteria cells.

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Category: Investigación.

MagBeads™ Plasmid Purification Kit provides a reliable, easy and convenient technique to isolate high quality Plasmid DNA from Bacteria cells. The kit uses for extraction MagBeads™ advanced technology based on paramagnetic beads.


  • Proven performance: for isolating plasmid DNA from overnight E. coli culture.
  • High quality: 100% chloroform and phenol free.
  • Safe: avoids the use of dangerous and polluting chaotropic salts.
  • Harmless: ideal for the downstream applications.
  • Time-saving protocol: avoids centrifugation step in DNA purification process.
  • Cost-effective: saves on equipment costs and increases portability of the technique.

Includes for 50 reactions:

  • 0.5 mL MagBeads™ solution
  • 6 mL Lysis Buffer 1
  • 12 mL Lysis Buffer 2
  • 9 mL Lysis Buffer 3
  • 10 mL WB2 Buffer
  • 5 mL EB Buffer
  • 500 μL RNAse A

All Molecular Biology applications, such as:

  • Digestion with restriction enzymes.
  • Automated sequencing.
  • PCR template.
  • Bacterial transformation.
  • Transfection.
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