pSpark® Universal DNA Cloning Kit


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Highly efficient, accurate and easy-to-use system compatible with Blunt and TA DNA cloning.

For 20 reactions.

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pSpark® Universal is a highly efficient, accurate and easy-to-use DNA cloning kit ideal for a broad range of PCR fragments cloning applications. There is a range of DNA polymerases available that do not generate PCR products with identical ends: proofreading DNA polymerases leave blunt ends while blends of polymerases and non-proofreading DNA polymerases leaves 3´A overhangs. Therefore, it is necessary to employ different vectors to clone both kinds of PCR fragments.

pSpark® Universal DNA cloning kit has been designed to save time, looking for a kit for several cloning scenarios. It is mainly composed of two cloning vectors which allow blunt or TA DNA cloning. For blunt DNA cloning and TA DNA cloning, pSpark® II DNA cloning vector and pSpark® TA DNA cloning vector, respectively, are included.

  • Compatible with Blunt and TA DNA cloning: it is composed by pSpark® II and pSpark® TA DNA Cloning vectors.
  • Convenient: ideal for a broad range of PCR fragments cloning applications.
  • Versatile: compatible with any DNA polymerase.

Includes for 20 rxn:

  • 20 µL pSpark® II (20 ng/µL)
  • 20 µL pSpark® TA (50 ng/µL)
  • 20 µL T4 DNA Ligase (5U/Weiss)
  • 200 µL T4 DNA Ligase Buffer (5x)
  • 150 µL PEG 6000 (10x)
  • 1 kb Insert Control (20 ng/µL)
  • Insert Control TA (30 ng/µL)


  • Cloning of high fidelity PCR amplified products into pSpark® II Blunt DNA cloning vector.
  • Cloning of non-proofreading PCR fragments into pSpark® TA DNA Cloning vector.
  • Production of ssDNA.
  • In vitro transcription from T7/SP6 dual-opposed promoters.
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